Friday, July 9, 2010

City Boat Trips

Even if boat trips I seem to like so very much usually allow for a more fantastic scenery and more fun activities once it's an open seas trip, I've realized city boat trips can be just as much fun. So if I can't travel to a seaside destination just yet, I'd take the best boat trip the Moscow River has to offer and be thankful for it! P.S. All above links lead to picture posts and if you love water themed photography I suggest you take a look!


  1. I like boat trip too, even if I'm more fan of sailboats.
    I like the atmosphere you can feel on board,.
    Sort of fascination..

  2. ..I loooove boat trips , it makes see the city from different sides which you will never see just driving or walking ..and the fresh breeze is wonderful as well : )

  3. City boat trips are so relaxing... it's like you are in a different world but you can still see the tall buildings around.

    Love your hair braids... you look so fresh in that ensemble Julia. xoxo

  4. Oh how beautiful! I had no idea it looked like that. Love your braids too.

  5. Ah yes! Seattle has many boat trips - in my opinion, they're the best way to see the city :) xo


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