Friday, December 11, 2009

My (Web) Space

I'm thankful for all sorts of networking sites! Back when I still had my LiveJournal account I used to enjoy it a lot and have met some truly genuine people through it, some of whom we're still in touch with, like with the darling Sneha. I deleted my MySpace account about a month ago since I was no longer using it, but I'm thankful for having met some awesome people through it too - Mark, Jay, Jack, Ruben... (Jay, you are remembered and missed! RIP) We're no longer in touch with Frank, but I remember we used to talk a lot via ICQ. Facebook has been helping me stay connected with amazing friends I've made through traveling and connected me with new people too, like Didi and Patrick. And now that I have my blog on here, I realize I've been lucky enough to have come across some wonderful personalities already!

Today I'm going to give it up for Rachel. Somewhere along the way this fabulous mom of 3 (you would never tell!) started calling me "the thanksgiving girl", which is easy but somehow I've never came up with that on my own. From now on, however, that's what I'm going to use as my display name on here. When I just started the blog I had my full name visible, but due to certain things (it's not like I'm hiding), decided to do without the last name and came up with the "So Thankful" part, which I was never too happy about. So thank you, Rachel!


  1. I'm sooo grateful for Facebook :) Makes it easier to keep in touch with friends you'd normally never speak to. Keeping friends takes a lot of effort! Especially after you move out of state.

  2. Shannon, so true! Keeping friends is no easy task!

  3. That's so nice, Julia, the Thanksgiving girl. What would we do without those WWW sites? I would be so bored I'm sure. I call facebook my intermission number whenever I'm working.


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